25th Anniversary of the Emmanuel Vietnamese Catholic Community of East Boston

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Earlier this year, during the Easter Season, the Vietnamese Community, Emmanuel, in East Boston celebrated their 25th anniversary. For the past 25 years, this parish community has enriched the lives of all the parishes that it has been associated with, especially with Sacred Heart parish, whom they have been a part of in the most recent years.

During these 25 years 10 Vietnamese priests have served the parish community, and many vocations, including vocations to the Diaconate and religious life, have been born from this community. The first priest to serve the community was the late Fr.  Antôn Nguyen Hong Giang, followed by Fr. Giuse Nguyen Van Diem, Fr. Anrê Nguyen Hong An, CMC, Fr. Gioan Bosco Pham Trung Thuc, CMC, Fr. Antôn Lê Van Hoang, Fr. Da Minh Nguyen Van Tinh, Fr. GIuse Nguyen Chinh, Fr. Da Minh Vu Kim Quyen, SJ, Fr. Francis Xavier Tran Van Quang CSsR, and currant priest, Fr. Phao Lô Mguyen Hu Thuan, CSsR.


Sacred Heart Church, East Boston


Altar servers for the 25th Anniversary Mass


Priest and deacons who have been associated with, served or received their call to the order from Emmanuel parish


Parishioners including religious sisters at the 25th Anniversary Mass


Children doing the coronation of the Blessed Mother in their traditional Vietnamese clothes

The Celebration started with a beautiful Mass, where many priests from the Vietnamese communities were present, along with other priests whom have been involved with the Emmanuel community.  Among the priests was the Pastor of Sacred Heart Rev. Wayne Belschner as well as Fr. Michael Harrington Director of the Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity. Following the beautiful mass, all were invited for a big celebration reception with music, food and fellowship.


25 Year Journey


The beautiful decoration for the reception


The food served in which many parishioners help organize


The reception hall filled with people celebrating the 25 years of Emmanuel


The Choir performance during the reception


Fr. Michael Harrington and Vietnamese religious sisters

The Vietnamese Catholic Community is one of our fastest growing communities in the Archdiocese of Boston, where 8 parishes celebrate mass in their native tongue. Please continue to pray for the ministry of all of these wonderful communities present in the Archdiocese of Boston!

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