Brazilian Adult C.O.R Retreat – August 29-31st

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Introduced to the Brazilian Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Boston in 1991,  the C.O.R retreat (Course of Religious Orientation) celebrated its 25th anniversary this past weekend on August 29-31st at the Espousal Retreat House in Waltham, MA. This retreat was brought from Brazil by Valdeia Silva, who passed away in 2007 while visiting Brazil. This annual retreat was given life in the Apostolate with the spiritual guidance of Fr. Robert Bouffier, who is now teaching in Hawaii but, traveled to Boston be part of the retreat this year and together with the Brazilian Apostolate celebrate its 25th anniversary.


Suely Brito (Dean of C.O.R Retreat) and Fr. Robert Bouffier

“The mission of the C.O.R. retreat is to renew our knowledge of the Catholic doctrine, share and meet new people in a profound experience with God; preparing people to take on a role/responsibility inside their community and their own families. ” – Suely Brito, Dean of Retreat


Retreat participants and volunteers

Every year a group of dedicated volunteers works alongside a spiritual director (this year’s was Fr. Miguel Goncalves of Cambridge) to provide an opportunity for participants to have a profound experience with Jesus. The first C.O.R retreat in the Brazilian Apostolate of Boston, had a small group of 12 participants; however, in more recent years, this retreat has been able to host 100 participants.

In the words of Fr. Bob, “the C.O.R retreat awakens people to their faith and their responsibility to their faith, helping them become more active and engaged with the Church. Witnessing the impact in the participants after 12 years, it also renews my own faith.”

cor retreat

Participants during the retreat

This year there was 70 volunteers from different communities of the Brazilian Apostolate working together to make this weekend an amazing one for the 100 participants. In honor of its 25th anniversary, special guests included Fr. Robert Bouffier who had an important role in the beginning of this retreat and also Edna Alves, who was the Dean of the C.O.R for 10 years and is now studying theology in Brazil with the hope of becoming a consecrated lay woman and serving a community in Florida.

As a result of the hard work of all volunteers, this year’s Adult C.O.R retreat was a blessing, touching the hearts of the participants and awakening their faith and love for the Church.

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