Brazilian Community C.O.R. retreat, August 2015

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The C.O.R. – Curso de Orientação Religiosa (Retreat of Religious Formation) is an annual retreat for adults of the Brazilian Catholic Community who are looking to learn about, and deepen their Catholic faith. The Retreat Consists of a series of talks, from Catholic Doctrine to How to Deepen your spiritual life, moments of prayer, singing, fellowship, Mass and Adoration, and much more! The retreat takes place every year in the month of August, at the Espousal Retreat House in Waltham.


In the light-blue shirts are the attendees of the COR 2015 and the darker-blue shirt are the workers


Suely Brito, coordinator responsible for the C.O.R. expressed the following about this year’s C.O.R.:

“How blessed I feel in being part of this beautiful ministry, where every year many souls are restored and brought back to life through the C.O.R. ! 

The 2015 C.O.R. was filled with blessings, where the joy of serving God and seeing joy of God manifesting itself in all present was absolutely beautiful and touching for all of us workers to see. It was wonderful to see the fruits of our dedication and hard work in preparing for this yearly event. I recall a very deep moment in which touched us all, and it was in the closing of the retreat where all of the attendees expressed their gratitude to God for the wonderful three days that they experienced. They expressed gratitude for the renewal in their faith, shared sufferings and life situations, made new friends, had such a profound encounter with God that they all left hungry to serve in their parish community, serve their families and be better workers for God’s work. 

It’s truly beautiful to witness all that happens at the C.O.R. At the C.O.R. people rediscover that they are the Church, and will to serve better and revive their spiritual life!


a dedication to Our Lady of Peace of Grace at this year’s COR

Brito continued to say that she cannot comment more about the retreat nor provide greater details of the experience lived at the retreat as a strategy to allow others to come and experience for themselves what others have bragged about, and make their own memories and expectations once they come. Brito continue to say that “although I cannot share much, we are waiting for you to join us on the weekend of August 27th & 28th, 2016 for our next C.O.R., I am sure you will regret attending it! God Bless You”- Suely Brito


Some of the workers for this year’s COR 2015 taking a selfie

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