Brazilian Community Youth Pastoral Gincana 2015

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A “Gincana” is a type of competition, in which various teams compete in a series of challenges and games that are all worth a certain amount of points. In the end, the team which won the most amount of points from winning in the different areas of the challenges takes the title home. Gincana is like a small Olympic competition, but instead of sports, the challenges vary from intellectual activities, to dancing, etc. Gincana’s have always been part of school activities in Brasil and many Churches also incorporate it especially with the youth to have a wonderful and constructive day.


All the youth groups being led in joy by Marcone Luiz  of the Coordinator of Brazilian Youth Pastoral


Music provided by Cleyton Santos, Mayara Moreira and Victor Oliveira

The Brazilian youth Gincana of 2015 took place at St. Tarcisius Parish Hall in Framingham, MA. Compeating were the youth groups from St. Tarcisius Framingham (J.U.A.C.), St. Anthony in Everett (J.U.M.P.),  St. Anthony in Allston, and the South Region youth group (Agape) which combines the cities of Plymouth, Rockland and Stoughton. All four groups gathering in a series of challenges of which included a “Find that Bible Passage Challenge” in which members from each group would have to come up and once the book and verse was given whom ever found it first and read it would win, ” Sing and Represent your Team Chant Challenge” which was given to the team that had the most creative chant and the best presentation of the chant, “How well do you know the Bible/ Pie in the Face Challenge” which included a series of questions and who ever go it wrong would get a pie in the face, and many other active and fun activities.


Find-that-verse Challenge where members of each youth group came forth to compete


The winning team South Region Youth group performing their Chant


Music and singing competiton

The judges for each of the challenges were Fr. Michael Harrington, Director of the Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity, Jennifer Prudencio, former inter for the Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity, Gleisiany Mihok, overseer of the Brazilian Youth Pastoral, and a Consacrated Sister Milagres from the Community: Fraternidade O Caminho. The overall winners were the South Region Youth group, who took home the trophy and title of 2015 Gincana Champions.


Three of the 4 Judges, Sr. Milagres , Gleisiany Mihoc and Jennifer Prudencio


Talk given by Sr. Milagres

Not only did the youth compete and have a good time, they also had a time for prayer in which during the event they had a talk and later concluded with a Mass.

It was a wonderful and joyous occasion which brought together the youth groups of the Brazilian Apostolate for a day of fun, growth and fellowship.


The winning team, youth grup AGAPE from the South Region


The youth group J.U.M.P. [Jovens Unidos no Mesmo Proposito] from Everett


Youth Group J.U.A.C. [Jovens Unidos Anunciando Cristo] from Framingham


Members of the Youth Group of St. Anthony in Allston

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