Cape Verdean Community of Roxbury Celebration of Our Lady of Fátima

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On Sunday, May 11th, the Cape Verdean Community at St. Patrick Parish in Roxbury celebrated their annual devotion to our Lady of Fátima, where over 4,000 people were present.

The Republic of Cape Verde was founded by Portuguese settlers in the 15th century, it then became a very important trading point for the slave trade. After Slavery was abolished, and Cape Verde became it’s own republic inhabitants continued to have their ties to its Portuguese roots, preserving the religion of Catholicism and its devotions. It’s no surprise that the roots of Portugal would spread to the islanders the beauty of the devotion to Our Lady of Fátima who appeared to the Children in Fátima, Portugal. Just like in Portugal and Brazil, the Cape verdeans also celebrate our lady of Fatima with great devotion, and this devotion has now been carried here to Roxbury by the Cape Verdean Community that resides there.


Children on the float dressed like the members of the church and saints alongside the statue of Our Lady of Fatima


Beginning of the Street procession around St. Patrick Parish in Roxbury


Men from the Cape Verdean Community of St. Patrick in Roxbury carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima

This year, over 4,000 people united to celebrate the Blessed Mother remembering her apparitions in Fatima. The annual celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima began at 12:30 pm with a procession through the streets of Roxburry, followed by the celebration of the Mass at 1:00pm and concluding with a reception and fellowship after mass.


Children dressed as Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta


Youth and young adults waiting for the procession to start


During the procession Marian movements, the elderly, the youth, and the children all came together to honor the Blessed Mother. Kids were dressed as the three little shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, and were on a float along with the statue of our Lady of Fatima. There were Marian songs being sung, and the whole community participated! It was a beautiful feast celebration that brought not just the parish community together but those in the neighborhood as well.



Friars and Priests from St. Patrick Parish join the procession with the people


Consecration at Mass


The Priests from St. Patrick in Roxbury along side a Superior Priest from the Franciscance order visiting from Cape Verde

For more pictures of the event please click here

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