Brazilian Festa Junina in Peabody – July, 2014

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Introduced by the Portuguese during the colonization of Brazil,  Festa Juninas (June Festivals) have been celebrated for many years. The name derives from the fact that these festivals take place during the month of June (although they are at times celebrated in July as well). Over the years these festivals have been adapted with traditions from the natives of the country, slaves (during the period of slavery) and in more recent times additions have been made due to influence of immigrants to the country. Every region in Brazil celebrate these festivals with their own special touch; however, Catholics continue to celebrate these festivals in honor of three saints: St. Anthony (June 13th),  St. John (June 24th), and St. Peter (June 29th).


The Brazilian Communities  in the Archdiocese of Boston have brought this tradition to the United States as well. Every Saturday in the month of June and often overflowing in the month of July, Brazilian communities throughout our Archdiocese host these festivals. On July 19th, the Brazilian Community of St. Thomas the Apostle in Peabody celebrated this festival.




With much dedication, leaders of the community worked together to put on a fun night for the members of the community and guests. Their festival offered different activities for both kids and adults, in addition to delicious traditional food. The joy of those working and attending the festival was vivid!



It was great to see the families of this small community enjoying the night and the hard work of the volunteers being appreciated by those at the event.


For more pictures of this event Click Here.

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