Vietnamese Community of St. Bernadette Randolph New Year, FEBRUARY 22,2015

On Sunday, February 22 of 2015, The Vietnamese Community of St. Bernadette in Randolph gathered to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. The New Year in Eastern Cultures is celebrated in the rise of a New Moon, following a lunar calendar that starts in February. The celebrations began with a beautiful Mass Presided by Fr. Linh Nguyen, Pastor of St. Bernadette Parish, which was con-celebrated by Fr. Michael Harrington, Director of the Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity, and assisted by Deacon Thomas Burke.The church was full and filled with many beautiful decorations and colors, as most parishioners were dressed in traditional Vietnamese attire.




During mass children brought fourth gifts for the altar including fruit baskets and flowers to symbolize the spring of a new year, and that it may be a fruitful one. Also, as tradition holds, on New Years all are called to remember their ancestors and pay them homage, therefore, Fr. Linh Nguyen prayed before an altar dedicated to Saints and ancestors who have gone before them, lighting candles and inviting all to pray for their loved ones who have passed.


Following the beautiful celebration of the Mass, all were invited to the Parish Hall for a beautiful reception where there was food, singing, dancing and fellowship.




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